Wednesday, May 25, 2011



Reptile is a hideous human-like reptilian creature, who is renowned for his stealth and incredible fighting ability.  He is said to be the last surviving member of his race, the Saurians, and he is obsessed with freeing his homeworld from Shao Kahn's grasp.  To do this he loyally serves the emperor in hopes his request will be fulfilled.  Shao Kahn uses Reptile's abilities to spy on and eliminate enemies of the empire.  Reptile appears first, in the opening fight of the tournament which he loses against Johnny Cage.  He appears, once again, at Shang Tsung's side when they were confronted by Smoke in Outworld.  Reptiles last appearance, was when he scaled a building during the invasion of Earthrealm, spit acid at Kabal, and lost a fight against Striker.

Special Attacks
Slow Force Ball: B, B, FP
Fast Force Ball: B, B, FK
Slide: B, F, BK
Acid Hand: D, B, BP
Invisibility: D, U, BK
Acid Spit: D, F, FP
Elbow Dash: B, F, BP


  1. My favorite when I played on gameboy lol

  2. reptile he kicks ass i suppose

  3. Do somebody actually use the Invisibility move because it never been useful to me

  4. Sweet, I was wondering how to use his moves.

  5. reptiles force balls are epic! i love the fact that they throw the enemy in the air if they hit em while they arent guarding

    @Bunny Hill
    I use it! pop invisibility and hit your opponent with some shoulder charges or slides, always gets em!