Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Ermac is introduced during the first Mortal Kombat tournament as Shao Kahn's newest creation.  He is an entity composed of  the souls of many warriors of Outworld.  Due to this Ermac refers to himself as "we".  This concentration of souls within Ermac gives him the power of telekinesis and the ability to travel between the realms.  In his first bout, he loses his fight against Liu Kang and isn't seen again until Sub-Zero, Sonya, and Jax come into the soul chamber.  Jax attacks Ermac, but is caught in his telekinetic grasp and is helpless as Ermac tears his arms from his body.  Ermac remains Shao Kahn's puppet, doing his every bidding without question.

Special Attacks
Force Ball: D, B, BP
*Airblast: D, B, BP
**Force Port: D, B, PK
Force Lift: D, B, FP
Hover Slam: D, D, U
Force Push: B, F, FP

*In air
**Can be used in air


  1. force lift into force push is such a cool combo in this game. i love this character!

  2. Following this blog! Great insights bro!

  3. This character caused endless frustration lol. Not unlike A spamming Kabal, which I just encountered today. He just sat as far back as he could and spammed his ground saw and his gas burst. What could I of done to stop this? I'm not good yet by any means but I couldn't even get close as sub zero, and what I did, he would combo me.

  4. Damn I never liked Ermac! And as HuntStuffs says he causes a lot of frustration haha, my favorite Special Attack was the Hover Slam. Following now :)