Monday, May 23, 2011


Sindel was once queen of Eternia until Shao Kahn and the forces of Outworld invaded.  She was taken by Shao Kahn as his new wife and forced to watch as her people were enslaved and her husband, King Jerrod was killed.  Her daughter, Kitana, was also adopted by Kahn as his daughter.  Overtime, this grew to be to much and Sindel took her life, leaving behind a magical ward that prevented Shao Kahn from entering Earthrealm.  To rid Shao Kahn of this barrier, the necromancer Quan Chi resurrected Sindel and brainwashed  her into being obedient to Kahn.  Revitalized with the energy given to her by Shao Kahn, Sindel comes to Earthrealm and kills many of Raiden's forces, but she meets her demise at the hands of Nightwolf's suicide attack.

Special Attacks
*Fireball: D, F, FP
*Low Fireball: D, F, FK
Yell: D, B, BP
**Levitate: D, D, U
Hair Whip: D, F, BP
Step Up: D, F, BK

*Can be used in air
**BL to land


  1. I wish you could move while levitating

  2. mortal kombat i mean its so violent. you chop peoples heads off,etc---

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